Philippart (4)
Tim’s Mowing
by Tim Philippart

Ever the entrepreneur even at age ten,
my first venture was spur of the moment.
Around the corner and down the block
the push mower said, “For sale.”

With no money for this non-motorized, non-mulcher,
I tried the barter approach.
“I’ll mow your yard once a week for a month.”
The woman said, “Go on, just take it.”

When Tim’s Mowing debuted that warm June day,
top priority was customer procurement.
Imagine my surprise when I pitched my service
and the Lady with the 10-inch grass said, “Yes.”

I mowed and mowed on the over-sized lot.
Knocked on the door when done and said, “Done.”
When she inspected she said I neglected,
to sharpen the blade as I should.

Hone those blades,
come back and when,
you’ve mowed it again,
I will pay you what we agreed.

So I went to old Pop who lived three doors down
asked him to borrow his file.
He surveyed the project, said he’d he help
and after he fed me a snack I was ready.

I mowed it again, got my two bucks
and pushed my mower back home.
Mom said, “Hurry, supper’s soon, my you’re sweaty,
you must have played in the dirt today.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My early days as a business tycoon.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Thus began my foray into small business.  Starting in fourth grade, I became the baron of lawn services for my two-block area, eventually expanding to eight yards a week, before my family made me move away with them when I was 13. After supper that night, I told Mom the whole story and, to hear her go on, you’d think I was equal to Rockefeller.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tim Philippart sold his business in 2015. He ghost blogs, writes poetry and nonfiction.  He wishes he had not waited decades to pick up the pen. Silver Birch Press, WPW, Pure Slush, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice, and Inwood Indiana, among others, have published his writing.