Newspaper Carrier
by Terri Miller-Carrara

Newspaper carriers in the 70s
were predominantly

I was the first
GIRL carrier in
my district.

Prizes for the most
newspapers sold were:
               hockey sticks
               hockey pucks
               baseball bats and balls

So I got CASH
when I won.

Once I won an
AM Radio, I had this
thru high school.

Oh…how proud I was
of the radio.

To have had my first job.
First Girl Newspaper Carrier.
It has been one major thrill ride.

IMAGE: Papergirl (image found online — does not depict the author).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Terri Miller was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island. She retired to Florida in 2015. She is a country girl at heart. She has been writing since grade school. She has always enjoyed writing.  In 2013, after the death of her brother, her poetry became darkened.  Around 2015, the darkness lifted. She is a lover of life’s simpler things. Her inspiration for poetry is rooted in faith and family, in love, nature, and words.She believes life is poetry waiting to be written!  What she looks at seems to make her write. She can’t wait to get her thoughts written down, but it’s not always at the right time, because there are so many other things that she should be doing. Like anything else, she is a work in progress and is presently under Major Construction. She has recently been published in the Awakened Voices literary magazine, Silver Birch Press, and Wild Women’s Medicine Circle. Follow along for inspiration or for simple enjoyment at Mia’s Wisdom and My Poetry Express.