Alan Pattison at the Crown Estate small (002)
Introduction to the Civil Service
by Alan Pattison

Even the desks know their places
Backs up against the wall
The most junior in the corner
Seen but not heard

Up the corridor on the chief’s office
Apparently the door was always open for you
Except when you went past it and heard the voice say
“where are you slacking off to today?”
Ever upwards and onwards we all hoped
Promotion was like getting a gold medal
handed out with due consideration
for those who followed the rules

PHOTO: The author during his early days as a civil servant.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My first job was in the old fashioned civil service, working in personnel.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alan Pattison is a semi-retired former management consultant and civil servant at the time of the poem, who enjoys researching and writing about local history, as well as composing short stories and poetry.  He is still trying to complete his first novel.