My First Boss
by Mary McCarthy

Wasn’t in the office much
always out at meetings
doing the glad hand
having coffee
networking with other
men in suits.
But he insisted
the office air conditioner
be kept on high.
His secretary and I
said nothing
wore sweaters
kept typing.

He thought it was OK to ask
what I was wearing
under my dress.
OK to take credit
for what we did
at our desks all day
the fliers
the mailings
the contacts and reports.

His secretary complained.
And they fired her.

Last month I saw his
calling him a good
family man
church member
who lived 90 years
and would be missed.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: The photo was taken that summer. In one of the dresses the boss wondered about.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My first real job, in an office in the downtown YMCA, opened my world in dramatic ways. Used to being part of a group (of classmates, of siblings, of friends) I was suddenly on my own in a new environment, with new rules, new expectations, and new freedoms. It was an exciting, even magical time for me.

mary-m1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary McCarthy has always been a writer, but spent most of her working life as a Registered Nurse. Her work has appeared in many online and print journals, including Earth’s Daughters, Gnarled Oak, Third Wednesday, and Three Elements Review. Her echapbook Things I Was Told Not To Think About is available through Praxis magazine online as a free download. .She is grateful for the wonderful online communities of writers and poets sharing their work and passion for writing, providing a rich world of inspiration, appreciation, and delight.