I’m Staring at the Door & God
by Gregory Brooks

that off-white frame is boring,
but I’m not allowed to paint it.
So I check my phone—
Where the hinges never stop
open, close, open, scroll.

The news is coming fast—
telling me to slow down.
The Oval Office is almost
the same shape as a Petri dish.
Am I touching my face too much?

Idle thoughts in quarantine—
These walls are softening around
my door, like butter into bread.
I’m panicking because the shelves
of my mind are being scavenged.

Right now, my door is a ventilator,
a promise of air on the way.
I’m afraid I’ll sleep through the knock—
So I’m wide awake, and staring.
God, maybe others are doing the same.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I consider myself a reader of poetry more than a writer, but on occasion I like to brave a blank page. It is amazing what inner demons can be exorcised with the right words. I believe everyone has an epic poem within them, and I love to encourage anyone who has written a poem to share it with the world. I like to share without shame.

Brooks 1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gregory Brooks is a Psychology student at Utah Valley University, with a special interest in how metaphors and stories can be used to heal. He currently serves as this semester’s head poetry editor for UVU’s literary journal, Touchstones. His poetry has been published in Utah Life Magazine, Touchstones, and Warp & Weave. You can find him online at @trashpoemgoblin on Twitter.