Lupert---Door copy
Of all the doors I’ve loved before
by Rick Lupert

You are the one – Gray when I found you
Pride of ownership painted you blue.
All my previous doors merely rentals.

A forever relationship started when I
walked through you. I’ve got the
paperwork to prove it.

The bank writes every month to remind
me of the long haul. I send them a tribute.
It’s my way of feeding you.

Oh, the things you do –
You keep the bugs out.
You keep the temperature out.
You keep the virus out.

You open wide when they bring me dinner.
You and your nine glass panes.
Half light is the official term at the door stores.
Forged in the fifties when the craftsmen
still stung from the war.

Sometimes we open you to receive candy
from the youngest of our neighbors
trying to raise money to go wherever
they need to go.

You made friends with the UPS guy.
I hear you two talking sometimes.
Out of respect I won’t reveal the details here.
We all deserve our own relationships.

I put up a door stopper so you and
the wall wouldn’t hurt each other.
But I hope you never stop.
You’re the last thing in this shut-down world
I’m allowed to touch.

Of all the doors I’ve loved before
you are the one.

PHOTO CAPTION: It has been made clear to the author, he won’t be leaving the house today.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I lived in apartments for most of my life until I was lucky enough, with my wife, to purchase a home in Van Nuys, California. This door we walk in and out of every day is a physical gateway in and out of this American Dream. It deserves a whole book of poems.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rick Lupert has been involved with L.A. poetry since 1990. He is the recipient of the 2014 Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center Distinguished Service Award and was a co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets for two years. He created the Poetry Super Highway  and hosted the weekly Cobalt Cafe reading for almost 21 years. His first spoken word album Rick Lupert Live and Dead, featuring 25 studio and live tracks, was released in March 2016. He’s authored 23 collections of poetry, including Hunka Hunka Howdy, Beautiful Mistakes, and God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion, and edited the anthologies Ekphrastia Gone Wild,  A Poet’s Siddur, A Poet’s Haggadah, and the noir anthology The Night Goes on All Night. He also writes and draws (with Brendan Constantine) the daily web comic Cat and Banana and writes the Jewish Poetry column “From the Lupertverse” for Jewish Journal. He is regularly featured at venues all over the world. Follow him on Facebook.

Author photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher