by Belinda Rimmer

The day the lock froze
we were left outside
with booming thunder
and the neighbours away
and the children hungry
because of the wrong sort of school dinner
and the locksmith on another call
twenty miles away
and the dog going mad for his supper
and the sour dusk biting
and in that moment we saw
how the opening of a door is everything.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have been thinking, along with everyone else, how important home is at times of stress, and particularly now when we must all be isolated from one another. I remembered a time when we were locked out of our house and the feelings of relief and joy on regaining entry. In the moment of passing over the threshold, the whole house seemed to shine.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Belinda Rimmer’s poems are widely published in print and on-line journals. In 2018, she came second in the Ambit Poetry Competition. She was joint runner-up in this year’s Stanza Poetry Competition. She is also joint winner of the Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition, 2018, with her pamphlet, Touching Sharks in Monaco.