Whitehouse Front Door
My Front Door Sings
by Lin Whitehouse

On moving in day I arranged an alarm
to be installed in the new house.
“Might be as well to fit an alert to the
front door, you’d know when those
young boys of yours go out and when
somebody comes in.” The inference of a
stranger entering the house made me
nervous. The engineer fitted one to
the back door too. My sons were adventurous,
full of mischief, preferred to be outside.
When either door was opened, like Big Brother,
I knew. They could not escape,
my front door sang every time it was
opened. At times it was irritating, like at
Halloween and kids trick or
treating, children’s birthday parties
because everyone arrived separately and
later, teenage gatherings. I knew
when they nipped out for a secret
cigarette. But then it began to
scream late at night and early mornings,
creeping in was futile when the door
announced an arrival and disturbed
sleep. I felt it would be better not to
know when they came home.
Young adults deserve their freedom so the
alert was made redundant, I sleep
soundly and my front door no longer sings.

Lin Whitehouse copy

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In our previous house we had been burgled while we slept in our beds; the house wasn’t alarmed. I was therefore anxious moving into a new house, wanting to protect my young sons and thought the alert on the doors was a great idea, until it caused me to lose sleep either because it hadn’t gone off or because it had.  These days I am still surprised when the door is opened and the alert is silent.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lin Whitehouse has contributed to Silver Birch Press anthologies and been published in Writers News and Turbulence. Her short plays have been performed in several theatres throughout Yorkshire. She is currently writing a novel.