Shadows on the Door
by Terrence Sykes

As daylight comes to closure
I lay in bed with another’s lover
My gardening weary body
His blue collar exhausted soul
Yet after a slow smoldering our bodies
Entwine into a fiery falling star
I like you too much — his lament
I make tea for him while he showers
Away with the parable of the adulterous
I open the shades & bedroom window
As the moon shines like a pale rose
I watch him drive away but then
Slowly shut my door so his other cannot see

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The process of this piece was a clashing of memories…real or imagined…of Los Angeles vacations & East Coast home imagination of once or future lovers.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Although Terrence Sykes is a far better gardener & forager & cook…his poetry-photography-flash fiction has been published in Bangladesh, Canada, Ireland, India, Mauritius, Pakistan, Scotland, Spain and the USA…he was born and raised in the rural coal mining area of Virginia and this  isolation brings the theme of remembrance to his creations — whether real or imagined.