Wait, I think I’ve seen this one…
by Andrew Jeter

When we bought this place,
way off in the woods,
it was the first home I’ve ever had
with a glass front door and I thought,
“Great, now I’ll have to wear pants
just in case someone stops by

But this spring, it feels different when I pass
that door. I think, “Wait, I think I’ve seen
this one before. This is the one where,
in the beginning, there’s a gray
and rust-colored squirrel chewing
on the corner of the bench on the porch
and then the turkey walks by
just before the UPS van rounds
the corner of the drive.

Then later, the Prime driver will take forever
sifting through his boxes before he brings up
something, looks in under the bill of his ball cap
and does a two-fingered salute when he
sees me in my robe with my coffee cup at 2:47 PM
wondering why do I keep watching the same movie over
and over and over…”

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: As a film teacher, I tend to see plot and story structure everywhere. Now that I am stuck at home, I am seeing it in my own life as well and my front door acts as a natural frame for the new and exposed rhythms of my life.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew Jeter has taught high school writing and film for 17 years and holds a BA in English and Creative Writing, a Masters in English Education, and a PhD in English Composition & Applied Linguistics. He has lived on four continents with five dogs and one husband and currently splits his time between Chicago and Saugatuck, Michigan. Visit him at