My Door To Purgatory
by Ruthie Marlenée

Night and day, I hear footsteps in the hallway.
Now, still in my pink robe, I hear a knock.
Could it be Amazon delivering toilet paper?
Cautiously, I crack open my front door.
Alas, the package is for my neighbor
at least six safe feet away
across the long, dark antechamber.
Eagerly, I wait to see if she’ll open up so
I might have a non-virtual human connection.

Sometimes we must wait in life’s darkened purgatory
until a door finally opens to spread some light.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is day six of my poetry challenge to say what I can in a few words – well — my poem says it all, and you don’t want to see a photo of me at my door in my pink robe.

Marlenee headshot

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruthie Marlenée is a California native, isolating in Los Angeles with her husband. Her novel, Curse of the Ninth, nominated for a James Kirkwood Literary Award, was launched recently and is available wherever books are sold. She earned her Writer’s Certificate “With Distinction” from UCLA.  The author of several novels, she is currently working on the sequel to Curse of the Ninth. She is a ghostwriter, screenwriter, novelist. and a poet whose work can be found in several literary publications, including Silver Birch Press. Visit her at