Lesley in doorway (JPG 2685x2685px )
by Lesley Strutt

sound of rain rapid clicking
on the porch
no end to this except
one we choose     a kind of door
open on a scene, romantic in its way
rain on the porch     the clicking
          or this: a man or maybe a boy huddled somewhere snap of anger           fist or words then knife-edged

          or the gunshot gunshot gunshot

the rain torrential now     pounding
how we keep the door open

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wanted to explore how we maintain compassion and practice tolerance when confronted with evil. The question I am asking is, how do we keep our hearts open.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lesley Strutt is a poet, novelist, playwright, and blogger. Her poetry has won some prizes and her first full collection of poems, Window Ledge, will be published during the fall of 2020 with Inanna Publications. Her young adult novel, On the Edge, was published in 2019 to critical acclaim. Lesley chats about her writing process in a blog on her website, lesleystrutt.ca. She also writes essays on the nature of humanness in her blog, lesleystrutt.wordpress.com.