Eight Doors
by Jacque Stukowski

My HOME has a door:
A shiny new black front door
A barrier that keeps us safe inside
The portal that keeps the crazy world at a distance

Our EARS are a door:
Hearing unimaginable news
Listening to the left and the right, wondering what IS true
Trying to make sense of all the madness of this new dystopian-like world

Our EYES are a door:
Seeing the global pandemic from a microbe . . .
Senseless hoarding of TP and food . . .
Humanity’s fate rests in a fragile balance . . .

My MOUTH is a door:
My voice wants to be heard yet struggles to verbalize what I feel
My tongue speaks things that are mostly funny and sometimes wise
My words can be wicked, unkind with the sharpness of a knife

NATURE is a door:
Enjoying time in fresh air and sky
In the midst of this chaos, breathe in the splendor of the earth
Nature’s beauty is a silver lining in all this confusion

Our MIND is a door:
We need to control what goes in
We need to control what goes out
We need to stay grounded and let wisdom prevail

Our HEART is a door:
Love for Italians singing from balconies
Love for people sacrificing for the greater good
Love for a world whose people are in turmoil

Our SOUL is a door:
Feeling the depths of things never known
Wondering what this altered Universe is
Learning to spark our inner flames and talents


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jacque Stukowski is a devoted wife to her husband of 25+ years, mother of two amazing boys, a professional photographer | graphic designer | poet | writer | music lover. She loves sharing her stories and photos on how art therapy and God are helping her to navigate through the daily struggles of living with ADHD. She always finds the silver lining in every cloud. Her poetry has been published in the Silver Birch Press Self-Portrait Poetry Collection (July 2014), May Poetry Anthology (June 2014), and  Half New Year Poetry Collection (July 2014). Find more on Jacque’s blog or visit to see her photographs for mental health.