The Red and White Door
by Isobel Cunningham

On the first day
I saw you through the glass panel of the red and white door
I knew.
On that first bold, longing, charged day.
Open, open the door quickly quickly!

I opened my eyes to your face,
opened my ears to your voice with a new rhythm, a new cadence.
opened to el abrazo.
opened my arms to a solid body, to comfort, to ecstasy, to sleep.
opened my mouth to wine, food, to singing.
opened my mouth to laughter, opened my mouth to kisses, the scratch of      your beard.
opened my mouth to words – reasoning, kind, angry, sarcastic, palabras      de amor, jokes,
fighting words.
opened my heart to depths, opened to hope, that most dangerous of      guests, opened to an infinity.

On the last day
even the sky was closed on that day, on that last day.
Car keys in your hand, in your closed hand.
The few, oh, such a few words.
The closing words.
The door opened for you.
You stepped out over the threshold of the red and white door.

Then closing all closing, all closed.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Isobel Cunningham writes short fiction and poetry. She is presently revising her first novel. She lives in Montreal, Canada. Her poetry book, Northern Compass, is available on Amazon and her blog is Her work is inspired by observing nature and the mysteries of human behavior.