by Wren Valentino

My front door is not:
the fragrant flowered archway of a French chateau
a treacherous drawbridge over a crocodile moat
a revolving door of a Chicago skyscraper
the private entrance to a penthouse suite
a secret entryway
a hidden compartment
a portal into another world
the grand entrance to a Gothic mansion
the focal point of a Southern verandah
the gateway to a different galaxy
the members-only entrance at the country club
an illegal passageway to a speakeasy
access to the VIP lounge
the patchworked frame of a handmade fort
a Tarzan-inspired climb up to a treehouse
the admission gate to a fan-filled stadium

My front door is:
the access point to a place
where imagination lives
and is always welcomed.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This series really inspired me to think about entrances and their different significances, such as the uniqueness and identity of a place and how it is often established by taking that first step through the different variations of a front door. Thinking about my own front door – and what exists on each side of it – made me realize what a wonderful separator it is between imagination and real life.

Wren Valentino

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wren Valentino is an author, playwright, poet, and screenwriter. He writes in multiple genres, primarily contemporary romance with an international setting. He is a member of Gothic Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. He loves film noir, white chocolate, classic cartoons, koalas, Julie London records, Nancy Drew, the Peanuts gang, Disney villains, all things Tiki, Italy, and everything written by Jane Austen. Visit him on social media: Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube Channel.