downton mask
My Downton Abbey Masks
by Dakota Donovan

After weeks of tragic news
I decide to spend seven days
watching seasons 1-6
of Downton Abbey.
The series allows me to
assume a range of roles,
wear many masks.
I’m Lady Mary, Belle of the Ball.
I’m Lady Edith, the forgotten middle child.
I’m Lady Sybil, the young rebel
who elopes with the Irish chauffeur
(mine was a Texas cowboy).
Then I’m Daisy, the kitchen drudge,
and Mrs. Hughes, trying to run a household.
At times, I’m Lady Cora,
the American interloper.
And I must confess to the devious
Miss O’Brien in me—conniving & vengeful.
And I must acknowledge the saintly
Anna in me—beleaguered and beset with troubles.
There’s the do-gooder Mrs. Isobel Crawley
who puts others first & makes sacrifices.
Finally, there’s the formidable
Dowager Countess, Lady Violet,
who encompasses all these traits,
good & bad & in-between.
She, of course, is my favorite character.
…and that’s just the women.

Photo: Tea party masks of Lady Violet (Maggie Smith, left) and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) found on pinterest.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dakota Donovan is a ghostwriter for the rich and famous who lives in Los Angeles. She’s had many wild and crazy experiences while working with celebrities to tell their life stories, and some of these strange-but-true tales appear in her Hollywood Ghostwriter Mysteries — starting with L.A. Sleepers. In other incarnations, she’s written novels, plays, screenplays, and television scripts. She’s currently working on L.A. Dreamers, the second novel in the Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery series.