Moses1 copy
A boy face wears many masks
by Olaniyi Ololade Moses

There are ways I hide my grief
And bury them, so the world won’t see —
How fire flares in the corners of my
eyes, as I burn into story that touches.

The last time I put off my mask,
I was shown the colour of my pain;
I mean to say, how beautiful my scars were.

There is a virus lurking on the street
And wearing a face covering —
The best way not to perceive it.

So I mask many things with my cloak,
Like the fire, my scars, tears, fear
And the virus that lurches on the street.

Boy like me has a way
to conceal the broken stories on his face
as he craves for touches of gentle breeze — healing!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Oftentimes, a boy tends to keep his pain to himself; he conceals his grief so the world won’t know how he feels. However, masks here could mean many things to a boy — the way he conceals his pain and the way he prevents himself from a deadly virus.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Olaniyi Ololade Moses hails and writes from the north central part of Nigeria. He is the author of Flames Of Love (A collection of love poems). He studied Mass Communication at Kwara State Polytechnic. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Quil’s Journal, Libretto Magazine, EroGospel, Blue Minaret and elsewhere. Olaniyi believes in the power of words. Find him on Facebook.