Fitting In
by Susan L. DeMiller

They balance my longing
with token bones
treats handed out to
costumed goblins at midnight
on Halloween
Welcome! Welcome!
we have been waiting
and all is warm
until tomorrow
when they pass me
in daylight
without knowing me
because I have come
without my mask

PAINTING: “The Masked Woman” by Max Pechstein (1910).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Making friends is hard. Everyone will tell you that. There is a fine dance between being aloof and offering too much information too soon. We all struggle with this and getting older doesn’t make it any easier.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Chicago, Illinois, Susan L. De Miller now lives in a small town in Eastern South Dakota with her husband and dog. She is fond of gardening, weaving, yoga, and meditation. Her work has appeared in Rose City Sisters, Spillwords, Blue Lake Review, Mookychick, and Plum Tree Tavern.  She is currently at work on her first novel.  Find her on Twitter and Facebook .