Alan in mask 5-4-20
by Alan Walowitz

This Covid is killing us slow
so, I wear a mask and go quick when I walk —
what they say in hoops, beat your man to the spot.
Some guy I know shouts from his stoop,
Where you think you’re going so fast?
I wave and say: Hey, Mr. Slow —
why cover your face three steps from home?

But some won’t wear a mask when out.
They spot you coming a block away
and stand their ground, and force you
wide — like we’re kids in a game,
it’s them or you: you swerve; they win.
So, it’s me who veers toward the street again.
They oughta nod, or at least wave hello.

Alan without mask copy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alan Walowitz is a Contributing Editor at Verse-Virtual, an Online Community Journal of Poetry.  His chapbook Exactly Like Love was published by Osedax Press, and his full-length The Story of the Milkman and Other Poems is available from Truth Serum Press. In the Muddle of the Night, a chapbook co-written with Betsy Mars, is due in 2020.