sd 1
As doomsday approaches
by Subhankar Das

Stay at home they say
Stay safe they say
But no one says who will buy me
Groceries .

All the malls are closed
I have to venture out to see
If any roadside small shops are open
At 7 in the morning,
Before the police take control of all the roads
Lanes bylanes dead ends of this downtown.

Masks have become mandatory
The moment you are outside,
And I have no mask to hide behind.
So covered myself with this thin cloth towel
Most people are laid off
No money to buy food
Hospital beds are full
Doctors and nurses getting infected.
All the wine shops and cigarette shops are closed
Of course trading is still on in the black market
At a much higher price.

Stay at home they say
And go crazy behind a mask.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Subhankar Das is a poet and publisher of Bangla experimental stuff. He has 30 published books of Bangla and English poetry.