closed-eyes-1890 odilon redon
Worthless Embraces
by Lynn Tait

in a cracked jar
holding nothing
tangible, stumbling
forward arms
outstretched, torn
from a nest or chrysalis
that might have held
something beautiful,
precious and soaring,
a fluttering bird, butterfly
discovering the miracle
of flight, painting the wind,
instead – a hollow doll
dressed in costumes
knocking itself out
against walls made
from broken masks,
smacking into moving
vehicles, into sun rooms,
trying to gain entry
where it doesn’t

PAINTING: “Closed eyes” by Odilon Redon (1890).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’m not a big lover of physical masks, Halloween, or the disingenuous hiding behind one. Hugging is so personal. I’m a hugger. If not done with sincerity, I can feel it. If merely a rote behavior, it becomes a senseless act, a charming mask.

Tait 2

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynn Tait is an award-winning poet/photographer residing in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  Her poems have appeared in Contemporary Verse 2, Windsor Review, Vallum, FreeFall, Literary Review of Canada, and in over 100 North American anthologies. Her photo art has graced the covers of seven poetry books. She is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.