Photogenic at any Age
by Rosemary Marshall Staples

Stars shine, lights glow,
cameras flash.
Daily photo shoots.
Her beauty remains unfading.
No model can pose as well.
She is timeless,
mysterious and stunning.
Elegant and natural
she captures us.
We can’t keep our eyes off her.
She leaves us all
intoxicated and intrigued.
We have no choice but to return
time and again for another look.
More famous than a painting,
a century old, yet new every day.
Poised on a pedestal of rock.
Nubble Lighthouse is calling
to waves, to wanderers, to shutterbugs,
to look, gaze, breathe, rest and return.

PHOTO: “Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse” by Joel Bailey,
Hidden Fox Photography (2017).

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Rosemary Marshall Staples is a poet and songwriter. Her work has appeared in Spotlight magazine, Poet’s Touchstone, and Piscataqua Poems. Featured at Maine venues with her poetry and music, she is a member of The Poetry Society of New Hampshire and The Writers in the Round at Star Island. Her poem “Photogenic at any Age” is about Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. The poem appears on the placemat at Fox’s Lobster House located at Sohier Park, adjacent to the parking lot overlooking Nubble Lighthouse. Since childhood, she has visited this landmark, which holds many memories of family and friends.