O, Paris
by Dakota Donovan

O, Paris, how I miss you!
When will I see you again?
It’s been too long.
When I think of you, you are bathed
in a blue mist.
How I miss your light, your dark
your scent, your streets,
your rhythm, your trains,
your language, your music,
your monuments, your shops,
your art, your culture,
your stairs to climb.
I miss your rain, rain, rain.
I miss Ile St. Louis, where I stayed in
a terrible hotel and
fled to a trés belle place near
Les Champs-Élysées.
Another time, it was an
apartment near La Tour Eiffel —
a high rise where hawks soared between the buildings.
Then, it was Montparnasse, a hotel
paid for by my Fortune 50 employer—a 10-day stay,
great, except for the job and the employer.
But under any circumstances or conditions
I would return to you
O, Paris.
I love you.
It’s okay if you don’t love me back.

PHOTO: “Paris Sunset” by Kevin Phillips, used by permission.

Stylish woman at the summer beach in a hot day

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Long-time Francophile Dakota Donovan is a ghostwriter for the rich and famous who lives in Los Angeles. She’s had many wild and crazy experiences while working with celebrities to tell their life stories, and some of these strange-but-true tales appear in her Hollywood Ghostwriter Mysteries — starting with L.A. Sleepers. In other incarnations, she’s written novels, plays, screenplays, and television scripts. She’s currently working on L.A. Dreamers, the second novel in the Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery series.