Blue Lagoon
by Ruthie Marlenée

Take me back to the land of the blue lagoon,
to the geothermal pools where silica mud
masks are recommended, but not mandatory.
Where waterfall droplets spit out double rainbows
and volcanoes spike up across lava fields.
Where geysers shoot up like aerosol
high enough to tickle the emerald lights
dancing in a mesmerizing chorus line across the sky.
I want to travel back
to the place where watching
something as ordinary as people meeting up
with friends and family for drinks or dinner
is something more exotic than glaciers
or the aurora borealis.

PHOTO: “Aurora borealis, Iceland” by Pixabay, used by permission.

double rainbow

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I enjoyed my visit to Iceland—a country I admire for its leadership in climate change, renewable energy, gender equity, and Covid-19 response. Skál!

PHOTO: The author and her husband and in front of Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall in Iceland, and a double rainbow.

Marlenee headshot

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruthie Marlenée is a California native, isolating in Los Angeles with her husband. Her novel, Agave Blues, will be released in 2021 by TouchPoint Press. Her second novel, Curse of the Ninth (WiDo Publishing), published in February 2020, is available wherever books are sold. She earned her Writer’s Certificate “With Distinction” from UCLA. The author of several novels, she is currently working on the sequel to Curse of the Ninth. She is a ghostwriter, screenwriter, novelist. and a poet whose work can be found in a number of literary publications, including Silver Birch Press. Visit her at