alina rosanova
Physical Adjustments
by Sheila A. Donovan

Physical therapy put on the back burner.
Unsafe to utilize large therapy equipment
from recumbent ellipticals, bicycles,
gliders, to therapeutic treadmills.

Dangerous to utilize small equipment,
medicine balls, ropes, balance boards
elastic bands or kettle balls.
Coronavirus demonizes equipment.

BAD FALL injures arthritic knee.
Orthopedist prescribes PT.
“Best to do it now, while coronavirus
has slowed down.”

Therapists accepting minimal patients.
Must wear mask, use hand-sanitizer,
have temperature taken
before getting physical therapy.

Assistants tend to all equipment,
from elastic bands to ellipticals,
wiping them down with sanitizers,
after each-and-every use.

Miraculous therapists, all equipped with
masks and rubber gloves,
treat tender muscles and
nerve endings of needy patients.

I am thankful to the PTs for
risking physical contact with
pain-ridden patients.
My heroes!

PHOTO: Physical therapist works with patient during pandemic. Photo by Alina Rosanova, used by permission.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was written to reflect the physical therapy I get two days a week.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheila A. Donovan’s poems have been published in the anthologies Reflections Journal, Poetry Cram, Journal of Modern Poetry, Theatre of the Mind, Dear Mr. President, and Budlong Woods Writers anthology You Don’t Know.  She has three poems in the upcoming Budlong Woods Writers book Love, Death and Everything in between.  She earned the Contemporary American Poetry Prize Honorable Mention for her poem “Universal Failure.” Sheila has been a judge at Louder Than a Bomb, has volunteered with Open Books — teaching kids how to write slam poetry — and for 30 years was a volunteer for Off the Street Club. Her poems and art have been exhibited at Woman Made Gallery. She’s been the featured poet at numerous venues around Chicago, including Beach Poets and the Harold Washington Library.