How to Be Single Again
by Rebecca Surmont

Notice the rise and fall of the sun,
join its tour, head to heat
rub it gently into the eyes
for better vision

Admire the hands that sculpted despair
into so many tiny graves
(most of which lay forgotten in yesterdays)

Find songs that move the voice
from the sacrum — a call of the wild
that only you can answer and
call it often as a mad crow

Invite some mischief to the table,
lesser-known curiosities
dancing invisibly about you for years
like little ghosts

Throw in smoked trout on saltines
playing Scrabble with expensive
champagne in any season

Hear the morning birds, busy and bright,
goaded by the light
songs of fullness
songs that ache with instinct

Fill and empty
your lungs like a bucket
your heart half full
sleeping naked as a rose

IMAGE: Nautilus by Andreina Schoeberlein (Polaroid emulsion transfer onto watercolor paper).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Recently I was reflecting on my past and how I got to have such a great life-partner. I recalled the time when I was newly single following a divorce and how that brought opportunity that both ached and moved me forward.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Surmont lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their canine kid. Her poetry is inspired by the everyday activities that make a life. Before poetry took more centerstage, she performed as a physical-theater actor and resident artist throughout the Midwest. Her poetry has been seen in Minneapolis’ Southwest Journal and the book Seasons (Trolley Car Press).