horizon john miller
Carry Yourself Back
by Thomas Zampino

Yesterday’s dreams, a child’s enthusiasm, a feigned willingness to suspend today’s disbelief.

The years in between have whispered seductive lies.

Distractions may have dulled your pain, loneliness has warped your body.

Only the nighttime cradles your brokenness, and dreams best measure your losses.

The horizon seems farther away from where you began.

I have never once stopped waiting for you.

I am still waiting.

PAINTING: Horizon by John Miller.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was created while reflecting on some of my family’s losses over the years, yet I have always remained hopeful!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Zampino is a New York City lawyer. His poems have appeared in Bard’s Annual 2019, Bard’s Annual 2020, Trees in a Garden of Ashes (2020), Otherwise Engaged (2020 and 2021), Chaos, A Poetry Vortex (2020), Nassau County Voices in Verse (2020), twice in Verse-Virtual (an on-line anthology), and in a video production of his poem “Precise Moment” by Brazilian actor Gui Agustini. Visit him at gracepending.wordpress.com.