Sheltering, Day 306
by Debra Kaufman

Another day of falling
and falling apart:

ragged-kneed, ligament-torn,
stented and stitched,

my heart battered,
mind like a leaky boat.

I shine but thinly,
I am still waiting to
offer the spare change

of what I believe,
still polishing my ideals

like my mother did
the family silver,
to be passed on to heirs

who have no place for it.

PAINTING: Spoon by Arsen Savadov (2004).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Debra Kaufman is the author of the poetry collections God Shattered, Delicate Thefts, The Next Moment, and A Certain Light, as well as three chapbooks, many monologues and short plays, and four full-length plays. Her most recent poems appeared in Poetry East, North Carolina Literary Review, Tar River Poetry, and Triggerfish Literary Review. In 2019, she produced Illuminated Dresses, a series of monologues by women in Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit her at Debrakaufman.info.