work-no-384-a-sheet-of-paper-folded-up-and-unfolded-2004 copy
by Massimo Soranzio

I am still waiting
for a word to come

then for the next one
and for the thought

that will combine them
to draw some sense

out of the blank page
where old words were

washed away by time
when everything stopped

so when I looked
nothing was the same

and being creative
suddenly meant

re-inventing life
to make it like

it was before
or not quite

but making do.

IMAGE: Work No. 384 (A sheet of paper folded up and unfolded) by Martin Creed (2004).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Since the spring of 2020, I haven’t been able to avoid writing about (or “around”) the pandemic and its consequences, how life has changed and we are trying to adapt, and how we will probably never be able to go back to the same life altogether, but we might have been changed so much by the experience, that instead of reconstructing our old life, we are more likely to start building a new life over the ruins of the old one.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Massimo Soranzio is a teacher and translator living on the northern Adriatic coast of Italy. His poems have appeared online and in print in a few anthologies, including Silver Birch Press’s Nancy Drew Anthology. He blogs at