by Sally Mortemore

moretemore poem 1
PAINTING: The Prepared Bouquet by René Magritte (1957). 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: That confusion between two people who read a situation in different ways, but how one still hopes they will meet in the middle at some pointbut just how long should one wait? 

moretemore sally

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sally Mortemore is a working actor in the UK, but has been writing on and off since she was about 14. In 2005 she decided to study for a Masters Degree at the University of London/RCSSD—she felt a lack of academia in her life, having been to Drama School instead of university. Although she had been writing theatre reviews for a London Entertainment Magazine and for an on-line theatre hub under her mother’s maiden name, she wanted to use academic writing to help her to be less florid in her creative writing. Since then, she has been writing poetry, but has never actively sought to publish although she has contemplated the possibility. In 2014 she was asked to write a poem for the London International Women’s Festival, and in 2016 she read one of her poems during an evening of poetry and music at Tara Arts Theatre in South London, for which she received many positive responses.