Let the Clover Grow
by Andrew Jeter

Let the little white flowers
dot the afternoon,

pom poms cheering the
workers on—collecting,
gathering, trooping

in their swarms.

Let them leave our
yards & fields of feasting—
our poorly tended lawns

of broadleaf bombasts—
drunk and dusted.

Let us feed their millions
with blooming covers

and not our vain pursuits,
those flattened green
rectangles—palls for

all the grasslovers.

PHOTO: Bee and clover by H-G-Fotografie

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I think that a large part of being a responsible land owner is getting out of the way of all those creatures in my garden who are making it work. That includes making sure they have what they need, too. This poem was inspired by my attempts to get more clover and indigenous wildflowers to grow on my property so that I can support our local bee population.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew Jeter has been a high school English and film teacher for 19 years. He holds a BA in English and Creative Writing, a Masters in English Education, and a PhD in English Composition & Applied Linguistics. He has lived in North Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, and North America with five dogs and one husband. He currently splits his time between Chicago and Saugatuck, Michigan. His first collection of poems, Ancient Memories, is available at His poems have also been published by Silver Birch Press. Read more of his work at and follow him at