With One Small Seed
by Kim Klugh

I am one small person
in a big wounded world
so how do I begin to help
the earth heal? How do I triage
the trauma to our soil,
to our water,
to our air?
As the writer who stares at the blank page
begins with one word
or the artist gazing at the empty canvas
begins with one splash of paint,
I begin in a small way—I plant a small seed
I plant bee balm to bring back the bees
I grow milkweed for the monarchs
I sow seeds of zinnia for the hummingbirds
coneflowers for the finches
holly for the robins
columbine and lupine
impatiens and petunias
poppies and primroses
and I begin to notice the life
that is humming and buzzing
and thriving and flying
I begin to see that small seeds
and small deeds can grow big roots
and long green stems
and shoots and leaves that curl and bend
and I will work to honor
my relationship with Earth
I will examine how I tend
to the living creatures in my own backyard,
I will practice being a caretaker
and I will continue, seed by seed,
to promote life, however small,
for my sacred portion of our world.

PHOTO: Monarch butterfly and milkweed plant. Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My dad taught me to always leave things better than I found them: To pick up litter. To dry flowers and save the seeds for the following spring. To conserve energy and use water sparingly. To feed the birds. He demonstrated ways to reuse, recycle, and repurpose before it was a universal tagline. That was his legacy, so I have tried to cultivate my connection with the natural world in his memory. I can pledge to do small things each year that contribute to the healing our earth is in desperate need of.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Klugh is an English/writing tutor. Her poetry has been published on Vox Poetica, Verse-Virtual, Global Poemic, and Frogpond Journal. Several of her poems have appeared as samples in three craft books edited by Diane Lockward and published by Terrapin Press: The Practicing Poet, The Crafty Poet II, and The Strategic Poet: Honing the Craft.