The Seeker
by Myra Dutton

At first we think
the path to wisdom
is tedious
as if we were rolling
the planet uphill.
But what we find
is that Mother Earth
is capable of anything
as she spins us
on a potter’s wheel.

PAINTING: Circular Forms by Robert Delaunay (1930).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “The Seeker” was written on one of my many walks through the national forest that surrounds the mountain town where I live.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Myra Dutton is the author of Healing Ground: A Visionary Union of Earth and Spirit (Ten Speed Press), an NAR book finalist for New Age Retailer Magazine. She is the founder of the Evolutionary Poets Theater in Idyllwild, California, writes literary columns in the Riverside Press-Enterprise and The Sun for Inlandia Institute, and is the poetry curator for The Idyllwild Life Magazine.