May Ball
by Kim Whysall-Hammond

After the music and breakfasts
for the few awake, we wade, you and I
barefoot through bright grass
along the river, back to my room
tired, footsore, happy

A bird calls by the reeds
notes curl amongst themselves,
spin through summer dawn
tranquillity reigns here yet
distantly, traffic busies itself

After a full night dancing
we walk.

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem captures the memory of a May Ball, many years ago. The first time that I had ever seen the love of my life dance. But the dawn walk across the grass back to my room stands clear in my memory—perhaps because of this poem, which was written that very morning.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Whysall-Hammond is a Londoner who needs to be up among mountains, traipsing across moors or finding lonely tracks in green hills. She now lives deep in splendid countryside. An Astronomer and Telecommunications expert, she finds poetry in deep space and the natural world. She has poems in recent anthologies from Milk and Cake Press, Palewell Press, and Wild Pressed Books. Kim shares poetry at thecheesesellerswife.wordpress.com.