breeze 1
Rags or Riches?
by Lynn Norton

Oops! Toppled coffee forms
a pond the size of a serving
platter. Scrap of cloth absorbs
the torrent, spares my shirt from
stain. Subtle fragrance lingers
over the calamity, decades old
but unmistakably BREEZE laundry
detergent, venerable workhorse
of wringer washing machines.
The perfumed remnant, a towel
redeemed with specially marked
box tops. Soft terry that once
blotted shaved faces, scraped
knees, tears of disappointment.
Memories stored in threadbare
rags cling to familiar skin.

IMAGE: 1956 ad for Breeze detergent.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Each time I employ a piece of discarded cloth for a grimy chore, I’m flooded with memories of its original purpose. My rag-bin is like a scrapbook. It needed a poem.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynn Norton is a commercial sculptor of original patterns for ornaments, toys, and collectibles. He recently added pen and tablet to his toolbox alongside chisel and rasp. To his delight, the new tools enabled compelling images to be rendered in another dimension.