Together Again
by Anne Namatsi Lutomia

you left to go to college abroad
i stayed with memories and dreams of our friendship
looking forward to the day we would reconnect
more than decade and a half after
we returned to our teenage friendship
in a small midwestern city a familiar face
my heart leapt with joy, as i embraced my dear friend anew
the restaurant was warm, with a cozy vibe
as we sat down, our memories revived
the clink of glasses, the murmurs of other customers
mixed with the music and laughter syncopating
as we caught up on the lost time
the colors around us, a muted hue
the warm glow of the candles and the heated space
warmed us up during the cold winter spring season
the gentle lull of the music, a soothing refrain
as we reconnected, our bond stronger like before
as the afternoon wore on, we shared our hearts
our past, our present, our futures and what we had missed
as we parted ways, i knew in my heart
this meeting would be a cherished memory
months later when you called and said you were leaving
i knew we would still be friends
although now oceans apart
we know where to find each other
never separating again

Photo by Petra. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This piece was inspired by a friendship I thought I had lost and how we reconnected and continue to stay in touch with each other.

Anne Selfie

Anne Namatsi Lutomia is a budding poet. She enjoys reading and writing poems. She has published poems with Silver Birch Press, BUWA and awaazmagazine. She also likes going for long walks and now lives in Lafayette, Indiana.