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Gerald So, editor, at THE 5-2: CRIME POETRY WEEKLY, is seeking submissions of love-themed crime poems to be published in February 2014 in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Guidelines: Find out how to enter here.  

Deadline:  December 31, 2013.

For inspiration, check out The 5-2’s poems from February 2013:

Nyla Alisia, “Enter the Sandman: 31S love affair”
Christine Aletti, “Sylvia Plath, Gaslight Left On”
Robert Cooperman, “Delicious Sins”
JD Debris, “The Girl in the American Apparel Ad”
Anne Graue, “The Death of the Nut Harvester”
Clarinda Harriss, “Sweet-talk Me on Valentine’s Day”
Anina Robb, “Affair”
Hal Sirowitz, “Through Pink-Tinged Glasses”

GEIST, a literary magazine based in Canada, has announced its 3rd Annual Erasure Poetry Contest, specifics below.

First Prize: the Geist Erasure Trophy and $600

Second Prize: $250

Third Prize: $150

All win­ning entries will be pub­lished in Geist and on

DEADLINE: August 31, 2013

Entry Fee: $20 (Includes a one-year subscription to Geist, Canada’s favourite literary magazine. International entrants will receive a digital subscription. All additional entries are $5.)

Find out more at