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WordPress just informed us that we’ve surpassed 900 likes — which is a great way to celebrate our two-month anniversary. (We started this blog on June 24, 2012.)

Thank you to all of our visitors! We feel honored when you spend part of your day with us.


We have many reasons to feel grateful and happy. For one thing, we feel honored that people from around the world visit our blog each day. To each of you, I extend my deep appreciation. Today, we learned that we’d surpassed 800 likes — and that, of course, makes us very happy. Thank you to everyone who clicked the like button for one of our posts. We like you, too!

A few weeks ago, I picked up a jar of Felix Lingonberries on the Albertson’s close-out shelf for just 99 cents. (From what I understand a 10-ounce jar usually sells for about $7.00.) When I got home, I put away the jar and forgot about it (that’s what often happens to impulse purchases — even inexpensive ones). A couple of days ago while looking for a coffee filter, I came upon the jar of lingonberries and, lo and behold, noticed the brand name “Felix.” This caught my eye because I’d used a Felix the Cat illustration when talking about our 700 likes a few days ago. At the time, I noted that “Felix means happy.”

Well, what could make someone happier than luscious red jam called Felix? I’ll admit, I have very little idea what a lingonberry even tastes like. I think I had some years ago on pancakes at Ann Sather’s, a well known Swedish restaurant on Chicago’s North Side — but couldn’t remember the flavor. So to familiarize myself before opening the jar, I did a little research and learned that lingonberries are the “cranberries of Sweden” and are found on the forest floor (sounds magical to me!).

The Felix Lingonberries label is quite beautiful and poetic — showing glowing lingonberry orbs and describing the product as, “A wild natural treat from the Swedish forests.” In small print (I needed a magnifying glass) at the bottom of the label, it stated: “Established 1955 by Herbert Felix.” First Felix the Cat and now Herbert Felix! I am now embarking on a search for even more Felixes!

Wishing happy, happy, happy times to all! As Aristotle put it, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” 

Just think, philosophy lessons from feline cartoons and a jar of jam. I feel blessed! And as I open the jar of Felix Lingonberries and take a bite, I share this wild treat with all of you! (I’m breaking the label right now.I’m opening the  jar. I hear the vacuum seal pop. I’m taking off the lid.  I’m dipping in the spoon. I’m taking a bite. Mmm. Tart and delicious. I think I’ll make some toast!)

Photo: Clancy and Felix


Thank you to our visitors! WordPress just informed us that we’ve reached 700 likesand we are still shy of our two-month anniversary. Thank you for your visits and your likes! We appreciate your spending part of your day with us!

Photo: Felix the Cat street art, photo by Bixenro. (Chosen for Jennifer in Chicago — a huge Felix fan.)