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The Silver Birch Press release DEBT, a novel by Rachel Carey is available for free at on Friday, July 26, 2013. You can download the Kindle — which retails for $6.99 — at

So remain debt-free today (at least when it comes to this novel) and download your Kindle version of DEBT for free!

In February 2013, Silver Birch Press published DEBT by Rachel Carey, one of the best novels we’ve ever come across (as a reader or publisher) — with everything you’d want in a great read: fascinating characters, humor, wit, a page-turning story, and terrific writing. We recently updated the cover of DEBT (see above) to better impart the novel’s central idea — how student loan debt bleeds into every aspect of someone’s life.


But the book with the original cover (shown at left) has recently garnered an impressive piece of press coverage — a video review and recommendation for summer reading at the trendy site mommalogues, where reviewer Jenni Chiu called it “a satirical, witty read.” 

Congratulations, Rachel on the stellar shout out! We are proud you’re a Silver Birch Press author and we’ve played even a small part in what we are sure is the start of an amazing literary career. You are a writer par excellence. Let the buzz begin!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: RACHEL CAREY is a writer and filmmaker. She received an MFA in Film Directing from NYU, an M.Ed. from Harvard, and a BA in English from Yale. She currently lives with her family in New Jersey and teaches college film classes. Debt is her first novel.

DEBT, a novel by Rachel Carey is available in paperback and Kindle at


Last week, Silver Birch Press released DEBT by Rachel Carey — one of the best novels we’ve read in many years. Read our original post here

We’re happy to report that a Kindle version of the book is now available at this link. The page also includes the “look inside” feature where you can enjoy a passage from this debut novel by Rachel Carey.

A review on the site captures much of what I love about this novel — characterizing the author as a 21st Century Jane Austen (here, here!) — so I’m including it below.

5.0 out of 5 stars Money is the root of all humor February 8, 2013
By katherine tomlinson

In Rachel Carey’s debut novel, Debt, money (or lack thereof) and class hold roughly the same importance they do in a 19th century novel of manners. She has taken the conventions of chic lit (all the fancy restaurants and mindless consumption you see in books like Bergdorf Blondes) and mixed them with a subtly snarky style that evokes a 21st century Jane Austen.

She is keenly observant, pricking her characters’ pretensions with subtle gibes that are so sharp you almost don’t notice them until they draw blood.

The characters–and there are a lot of them–are all fully realized. There’s the entitled Nadya–it’s her world, you just live in it–and the totally adorable Clyde. Our narrator is would-be novelist Lillian whose work in progress is so downbeat it even depresses her and who is beginning to regret the way her student debt is piling up without her having much to show for it. That would depress anyone.

But this is a comedy, a multi-layered farce that treats money the way Sex and the City treated sex. Carey has a good time tweaking pop culture–there’s a hilarious running gag involving a blog called “shopacovery”–and everything about Lillian’s pretentious writing teachers will resonate with anyone who’s ever taken a writing class.

This book is subversive and sly and extremely entertaining. If you loved books like Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Devil Wears Prada, you will love Debt.


Congratulations to Rachel Carey — whose debut novel DEBT will be available from Silver Birch Press later this month — on the premiere of Phases, a play she wrote and directed that’s featured in the 2012 Thespis Theater Festival in New York City.

The play’s final performance will take place on Saturday, October 13, 2012, at 9 p.m. For more information, visit the Thespis Theater Festival website.

Phases is a comedy about the ways that the memory of past relationships can haunt present relationships — and follows John, a young man who becomes obsessed with running away to Alaska but can’t decide which girl he wants to take with him.

Congratulations to Rachel Carey for an outstanding coast-to-coast October 2012 — premiere of her play Phases in New York and publication of her novel Debt in Los Angeles.

Silver Birch Press is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of DEBT, a novel by Rachel Carey. Welcome, Rachel!

The tone, style, setting, and subject matter of DEBT  bring to mind  THE BONFIRES OF THE VANITIES, Tom Wolfe’s exploration of the financial masters of the universe. More than twenty years later, it’s a very different financial picture – everybody has gone bust, or is on their way there. The extensive cast of characters – many of a comic bent – calls to mind the crime capers of Donald Westlake or the antics described in books by P.G. Wodehouse.  Bottom Line: Great story, engaging characters, funny, witty, clever, incisive, insightful, and original.