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Paul Fericano is a San Francisco native and author of several books of poetry and satire, including The One Minute President (w/Elio Ligi / Poor Souls Press, 1984) and five collections of poems. His latest, The Hollywood Catechism (Silver Birch Press, 2015), was a National Book Award nominee. Paul is the editor of YU News Service and author of A Room With A Pew, a blog on clergy abuse issues and the healing process.

George Guida is the Brooklyn-born author of seven books, including The Pope Stories and Other Tales of Troubled Times (Bordighera Press, 2012) and four collections of poems, including his latest two, Pugilistic (WordTech Editions, 2015) and The Sleeping Gulf (Bordighera Press, 2015) George teaches literature and writing at New York City College of Technology, and co-edits 2 Bridges Review.

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Paul Fericano is a satirist, literary provocateur and social activist. His poetry and prose have appeared in publications and media outlets in the U.S. and abroad since 1971, including The Wormwood Review, Mother Jones, Saturday Night Live, and Krokodil (Moscow). He is a recipient of the Ambrose Bierce Prize (San Francisco) and the Prix de Voltaire (France), and the creator of the 1982 Howitzer Prize, a literary hoax that targeted Poets & Writers, Inc. of New York. Paul is a San Francisco native and lives on the peninsula. His latest collection is The Hollywood Catechism (Silver Birch Press, 2015).

Lee Rossi has published hundreds of poems and dozens of reviews and interviews in such diverse publications as Southern Poetry Review, The Sun, Beloit Poetry Journal, and North American Review. He draws inspiration from poets living and dead, and in the past twenty years has attempted to meet as many not-yet-dead poets as he can. His ultimate concerns as a poet can best be gauged by an excerpt from a posthumous interview with the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Lee is a longtime resident of San Carlos.

Sherman Pearl is immediate past president of Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles’ preeminent poetry center. He was a cofounder of the L.A. Poetry Festival and a co-editor of CQ (California Quarterly). His poetry, which is both elegant and fiercely political, has appeared in more than 50 literary journals and anthologies, including The Atlanta Review, Verve, Rattle, and The Sun, and has won many awards. His newest collection, Elegy for Myself is his fifth. Sherman is a retired journalist and publicist who lives in Santa Monica.

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