The weather was perfect. The crowd was enthusiastic. The performers were sublime. The guest of honor was har-har-haring somewhere on the mild summer breeze. A good time was definitely had by all — the living and the departed — at the Charles Bukowski tribute on June 30, 2012 sponsored by Tongue & Groove.

In the above photo, Joan Jobe Smith, author of an upcoming Silver Birch Press release, swaps some Bukowski stories at intermission with Kenneth Sonny Donato. Both had questions about the original poems the other had read before the break. Sonny wanted to know where Joan had go-go danced (answer: Whisky A-Go-Go and other hot spots) and Joan wanted to know more about the radio Bukowski had appropriated from Sonny. While the two chatted, Buk sat between them taking it all in. Find Sonny’s book, A Poet’s Guide to the Barshere.

(Photo by Silver Birch, Los Angeles, June 30, 2012)