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I recently spoke with Barbara Kraft (pictured at right at Alias Books in Los Angeles) about her memoir  Anais Nin: The Last Days — peppering her with questions about the iconic Nin. Kraft mentioned that after Nin’s death in 1977, she was invited to meet Henry Miller — then in his 80s and living in Pacific Palisades (located to the west of Los Angeles).

Miller and Nin had had a storied relationship in Paris during the 1930s. According to Wikipedia, “Although Miller had little or no money that first year in Paris [1930],  things began to change with the meeting of Anais Nin who…would go on to pay his entire way through the 1930s…Nin became his lover and financed the first printing of The Tropic of Cancer in 1934.”

It was amazing that Barbara Kraft had befriended not one, but two literary giants during their final years. Her memoir tells Nin’s story with depth of feeling and telling detail. Now Kraft is considering writing about her experiences with Miller — including her front-row seat at his frequent dinner parties for artistic and literary figures during the late 1970s and delivering some of the over 1500 letters Miller wrote to his “twilight muse” Brenda Venus. To this, I gave a decided, “Yes! Yes! Yes.” I want to read that book!

Anais Nin: The Last Days is available as an ebook on Kindle and a range of additional formats. Find it on here.


Support your local bookstore! This was brought home to me recently when I attended an author’s reading at Alias Books East in L.A.’s Atwater neighborhood. It was wonderful to sit in a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by books and other book lovers listening to an author read her words, ask questions, and learn more about the work and the writing process.

The Atlas Books East books website describes the store as ” a curated, general used bookstore…[offering]… a wide selection of used and out of print titles with an emphasis on literature, film and the arts…dedicated to promoting a passion for reading and enriching people of all ages with the world of printed books.”

Visit your local bookstore soon and soak up the atmosphere.