LIFE IN COLOR, a new book of National Geographic photographs, was released this month — and it’s a stunner. Curated by Annie Griffiths, the 245 photographs “showcase the kaleidoscope of colors in the world,” as the official press release puts it. Each chapter focuses on a particular color (11 in all — the standard nine, plus gold and silver) and includes a short essay on the color’s connotations, while pairing each image with inspirational quotes.

At 504 pages, LIFE IN COLOR retails for $40, which seems like a bargain — since this book can offer endless enjoyment — and is currently available on for $26.40 (with free shipping). What a great holiday gift — think I’ll add it to the Silver Birch Press favorite things list (yes, Oprah, all our choices have cultural significance!).

To view some of these gorgeous images, check out the color galleries at National Geographic.