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Poem by Gawaine Caldwater Ross 

The Burning Man was eighty feet high
Atop a temple of Moorish lace
Confections of stars and midnight suns
All on a lake bed flat and sere, already
Old when primates first appeared.
Fire dancers whirled as the stars chirped
Hosannas to the primal rite.
Nothing is lost, but all is gained,
Extravagance is the law of the land.
Open now, as the clouds pass by,
Fire is water, and water itself
Soars into the stratosphere.
High art falls into the dust,
No one complains, and all rejoice.
Surreal it is, and yet romantic,
Bacchus himself rides on the wind,
And here it is that once a year
Artists bring about the birth
Of Shiva’s endless pillar of fire.


It’s that time of year again — BURNING MAN time. This annual event, which attracts nearly 50,000 free spirits, will take place in the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada from Monday, August 27th, through Monday, September 3rd. The 2012 theme is FERTILITY.

With mind-bending art installations, radical music, interactive experiences (interpret that how you will), and performances of all varieties (interpret that how you will), Burning Man is an annual bacchanal that people say frees the spirit, elevates the soul, and makes you feel good to be alive. I’ve always wanted to attend — for the artwork alone (I’m serious!) — but the roughing it aspect, I’ll admit, is beyond me. But best wishes to all who attend — hope you have fun. I will be with you in spirit and watch the live feed via the Internet.

Shout out to my pal Reverend Billy, who’s been a Burning Man must-see for years.

Photo: 2012 Burning Man pavilion design by Rod Garrett and Andrew Johnstone