At the literary event at Bar Bukowski in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on January 20, 2014, Bukowski Anthology contributor bart plantenga read his story “Contemplating Charles Bukowski” (cowritten with Black Sifichi) from the collection. Here is an excerpt…

Contemplating Charles Bukowski (Excerpt)

by bart plantenga & Black Sifichi 

A lot of questions were rolling around in Bukowski’s head as he entered the Palomino Bar & Grill. The guy next to him ordered up another Salty Dog. Bukowski got a beer. Bukowski thought maybe he’d like to kiss a woman named “Babine.” A French woman’d be perfect, he figured. Dyed apricot hair, a collar around her neck. In fact, it just HAD to happen because Bukowski had recently learned the power of the will. The responsibility of Dreams!

He ordered another beer & listened to the jukebox. The new juke, he was sure, had been installed to mock him & maybe force him to find a new hole to get soused in. The songs were just too happy—like Valentines from a planet he’d never been to. The gold brocade, the sombreros & lacquered maracas were meant to attract a new clientele. A clientele bereft of soul who needed dining dioramas like some needed dialysis machines…
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