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July 2nd marks the midpoint of the year — with 182 days preceding and 182 days to follow. Starting today and throughout July 2014, we’ll feature poems submitted during our recent call for Half New Year Poetry. ¬†Happy Half New Year!

by Subhankar Das

May came quietly
or quite early this year.
My young friend
who gifted me an art calendar
must also have thought that too.
I put it up on the wall
in front of my desk
and suddenly realized
4 months of my life just vanished
doing nothing.

As if I would have
moved a mountain
if I knew.

IMAGE: 2014 Claude Monet Calendar, available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Subhankar Das is a poet, film producer, bookstore owner, and publisher of Bangla experimental material. He produced six short films that have been honored at international film festivals, and has translated the works Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski into Bangla.


As we enter September, I’m celebrating with a 79 cake! Why? Because September (derived from the Latin “septem,” meaning seven) was the seventh month of the Roman calendar until Julius Caesar bumped it to the ninth month, where it remains today. (Julius was born in July and wanted the 7th named after who else? Himself.) So enjoy each and every one of the 30 days that September hath! I share a slice of my 79 cake with you!