by Devshree Dubey

Gushing its way through seas
Meeting the swinging trees
Crossing the greener pastures
Violent wind dances in azure skies

Laden with thunder and storm
Many a shape it transforms
Upon the rivers and the valleys
In forests it enters stealthily

The boisterous wind in its might
Coursing its way delights
Violent wind, vibrant wind
Energizing lives, reviving mankind

Violent wind is never dulled
It breathes life in everything lulled
Violent wind moves and moves
Into the meadows and grooves

Fills insight with a rapture
Soothes spirit, sorrows capture
Fanning the fire raging
Reminder of seasons changing

Violent wind roars upright
Where are ye men of light?
In every temptation and trial
Unlike violent wind smile


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Devshree Dubey is studying for her Master’s of Computer Application from Jabalpur Engineering College (India), where her poetry has been published in the school’s magazine Abhiyaam. She has served as editor of the magazine released by the Department of Computer Science and Application, St. Aloysius’ College, Jabalpur, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. Her poetry has been published in the college magazine The Aloysian.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem describes the spirit of the mighty wind. While flowing, it changes the course of the weather and seasons. In its rage it asks us to be full of energy, enthusiasm, and courage. Wind is afraid of nothing and urges  us to follow its steps. The wind is a harbinger of hope and breathes life into everything.