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by Bob Dylan

Oh, the hours that I spent inside the Coloseum,
Dodging lions and wasting time.
Oh, those mighty kings of the jungle 
I could hardly stand to see ‘em
Yes, it sure has been a long, hard climb
Train wheels runnin’ through the back of my memory
When I ran on the hilltop following a pack of wild geese.
Some day everything is going to sound like a rhapsody
When I pain my masterpiece. 

Listen to The Band (with Levon Helm — RIP — singing) perform the song on YouTube.

Photo: Coliseum, Roma, by Jolove55


It’s July, and you still have six months of 2012 to accomplish all you set out to do in January.  Think of July — named for Julius Caesar, born this month in 100 B.C. — as January redux: Another chance to begin. And who doesn’t love new beginnings?

Photo: Coliseum, Roma, by Jolove55