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As the Silver Birch Press blog celebrates its 2-month anniversary (well, we did a few days ago), we’d like to take a moment and thank our visitors from 80 countries, 1 continent, and 1 commonwealth. Thank you to our visitors from (listed in order of number of visits):

United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, France, India, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Philippines, Austria, Croatia, Russian Federation, Argentina, Chile, Serbia, Denmark, Switzerland, Malaysia, Israel, Cyprus, Norway, Taiwan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Romania, Pakistan, Albania, Uruguay, Colombia, Ireland, Hungary, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Lithuania, Peru, New Zealand, Ecuador, Luxembourg, South Africa, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, Paraguay, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Georgia, Latvia, Senegal, Malta, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia. American Samoa, Tunisia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iceland, Zambia, and Honduras.

Thank you! We appreciate you spending part of your day with us — even if it’s just for one minute while you sip coffee (or tea!).


Thank you to our visitors from 54 countries! We send our greetings to (countries listed in order of number of visits):

United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, France, India, Brazil, Australia (a continent), Greece, Japan, Russian Federation, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Portugal, New Zealand, Philippines, Cyprus, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Ireland, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Argentina, Chile, Finland, Hungary, Taiwan, Belgium, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Romania, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bolivia, Zambia, Thailand, Iceland, Uruguay, Lithuania.

Thank you!