Yesterday, I posted a variety of photos that depicted people posing with their Ford Fairlanes — and mentioned how many vintage snapshots I’d run across that displayed a similar scenario. The above shot was taken from an ad for a 1962 Ford Fairlane — sort of a real-life Mad Men moment. While Don Draper — lead character in Mad Men, for people who don’t follow the show (but try to catch it!) — is based on legendary ad man Draper Daniels, I’m going to include a quote below from another advertising icon.

“The creative process requires more than reason. Most original thinking isn’t even verbal. It requires ‘a groping experimentation with ideas, governed by intuitive hunches and inspired by the unconscious.’ The majority of business men are incapable of original thinking because they are unable to escape from the tyranny of reason. Their imaginations are blocked.”  …from Confessions of an Advertising Man by DAVID OGILVY